Soggy Doggy - Super absorbent material. They come in rugs that are small (like for under the water bowl) up to very large (like for in front of the door). They also have hand towels to dry your pet (or you) off. They wash up great. Some clients get the big one and put it on the car seat when they take their dog for a hike. You can order from them directly or from other pet sites. Little hard to find in stores but Agway in Mt. Nebo carries them.

I like to use the Pet Poison Helpline online. You can enter in something your pet ate and it will pull up symptoms and reactions your pet could have. They also list pet food recalls and tons of information. You can call them but there is a fee.

Pill Pocket - Great for giving pills or capsules.They are like a dough balls that you mold around the medications. Most dogs will gobble it right up.If your cat likes treats it will usually eat them too. It helps to hide some of the bitter taste. Can get them pretty much any pet store. Larry's Laundromutt in Sewickley and Agway in Mt. Nebo has them.

Dangers to your pet!

"I bring my boys here. They are 90lbs. The walk up tub is great. I love the Deshedding bath for them. They always look great. Several of my clients use the Grooming services and the Mobile Grooming."

Self Service Dog Wash, grooming, pet supplies and high quality pet foods and treats.

201 Ohio River Blvd

Edgeworth, PA


Jolly Ball - Super tough ball that will stay inflated despite the thousands of  teeth holes your dog puts in it. Originally made for horses. This ball comes in many sizes. Make sure to get the one that's a little softer. There is a solid hard plastic one that I haven't found the dogs like. They can't pick it up. Little hard to find so you may have to order it. Little pricey but so worth it.

"I worked here many years ago. I have brought my pets here always. These wonderful vets are who take care of my pet family. They have puppy training classes too."

Moon Veterinary Hospital

991 Broadhead Rd.

Moon Twp. Pa 15108


Surgery Doughnut - There are many different brands. You inflate them up and they have straps so it attaches to their collar. There is velcro on the outside to snug it up. It's a great alternative to using the cone. The pets can get to their food and water a lot easier.

Client & Pet Approved Products

Pictures of products available on desktop view

Litter - If you or your cat have a big problem with the dust that's in litter the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal litter is totally dust free and very light weight. It is more of a sand consistency so I put a fluffy bathroom rug down to catch the litter on the outside of the box. It doesn't clump real firm but it's a trade off for the dust free aspect. Tidy Cat 24/7 is very low on dust and it clumps hard. The consistency is tiny little pebbles. They both hold in the odor really well.

"They have a surprising amount of high quality pet foods, treats, collars and pet products."

125 McAleer Rd.

Sewickley, Pa



Important Numbers to Know!

ASPCA Animal Poison Control (fee could apply) 1-800-548-2423

Pet Poison Helpline   855-764-7661 (fee could apply)

PVSEC - Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center 24/7

807 Camp Horne Rd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15237


Chocolate - yes even white, Coffee & Caffeine - They all contain Methylaxanthines which cause vomiting, panting, diarrhea, abnormal heart rhythm, seizures and death.

Artificial sweetener (Xylitol) used in a lot of candies and sweets- weakness, vomit, low blood sugar, liver failure

Grapes & Raisins - can cause Kidney failure

Mushrooms- can contain toxins that affect a multi systems can result in death

Onions & Garlic- contain sulfoxides and disulfides that damage red blood cells & cause anemia

Turkey and fat- diarrhea, vomiting, Pancreatitis

Holly, Mistletoe, Poinsettias,Tinsel- can be fatal if ingested





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